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My name is Paola, I’m an artist.

But what does ‘artist’ mean?
I have always loved drawing, as far back as I can remember. That’s why I decided to attend schools where I could hone my skills: the Art Institute, Silla Gardenghi school in Bologna, the Nemo academy in Florence.
However I am always curious about new techniques, and I work hard until I can use them with ease.
Every time I receive a new art commission, regardless of the size, I first try to empathize with the person who contacted me: the more we understand each other, the better will be the final product!
I mostly work by myself, but on some occasions I cooperate with other craftspeople (carpenters, binders, painters, tanners, fashion factories etc.) because at times unity is strength.
Until now, my primary works have consisted in:
– Painting walls and ceilings indoors and outdoors, both for privates and shops
– Custom-size paintings, sundry furniture decorations (e.g. pseudo-antiquated and shabby-chic style)
– Production of assorted items
– Portraits and caricatures
– Airbrushing
– Cake design
– Face painting at children’s parties
– Sculptures made in FIMO and other clays
What I really love about my job is facing new challenges: I have tried my hand at classic Cartoon style, soft effects, or more intense colours, fluorescent effects.
Thanks to my bright and eventful lifestyle, I get to live my childhood dream… what more could I ask?

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